Booking terms and cancellations

Booking terms and cancellations

Terms and conditions 

Accommodation reservations online

Kolin Ryynänen and Aurorahuts: Cancellation of the reservation is free of charge, if done 3 days before arriving latest at18.00.

0-2 days prior cancellations and no-shows 100% charge.

Kolin Aamuranta: Cancellation of the reservation is free of charge, if done 14 days before arriving latest at 18.00. 0-13 days prior cancellations and no-shows 100% charge.

Exception to the general cancellation policy is the price rule mentioned in connection with a possible promotional price. For example Non-refundable Rate: no right of change or cancellation.

In case of a refund, please contact your accommodation directly or our sales service by e-mail.


Guided Tour Booking Conditions from online store

The following booking conditions apply to all our excursions booked through the online store or from our via our sales team. The terms and conditions become binding on both parties when customer has made the payment mentioned in the terms and conditions of the contract. The terms and conditions are valid in the EU, in foreign trade seperate terms (Terms of reservation). The terms are valid until further notice. All rights reserved.

Services and prices: The prices of the program services and the descriptions are presented in the product-specific descriptions of the online store. The prices include the value-added tax (VAT).

Excursions are carried out with a weather changes and the content of the program may change due the same reason. We reserve the right to change the prices, durations and content of the excursions without prior notice if the weather conditions do not allow the excursion to be arranged as stated at the time of booking.


Bookings, groups and individuals

The reservation will be confirmed when payment is done. Payment can be made online or by cash when arrived. To confirm a group bookings, we need billing information submitted in advance to our sales service.

                           Cancellation policy for group bookings ( more than 10 people):

                                                      14 days before booking           no charge

                                                      4-13 days before booking       50 % of the charge

                                                      0-3 days before booking          100% of the charge


                           Cancellation policy for individual bookings

                                                      1 day before booking               no charge

                                                      0 day before booking               100% charge

In case of illness or other obstacles, cancellation is free of charge through our sales service at our disrection and we may require proof of the obstacle.

Cancellations and changes must be handled as soon as possible to email or at +358400857557.


All changes must be made in accordance with normal office hours.


Child pricing applies for children ages 4-12

Pregnant women

Activies and rental equipments may not be very suitable for pregnant women.

Equipment rental

The renter undertakes to rent the agreed rental equipment for a period which is always agreed on a case-by-case basis. The rental period begins at the time of delivery of the rental equipment and ends until it is returned back.

The renter must hand over the rental equipment in good condition, serviced and inspected, unless otherwise agreed.

Unless otherwise agreed, the rental prices of the equipment are determined by the lessor’s rental price that are valid at the beginning of the rental period.

The rent is paid for the pre-booked rental period. If the person or entity declared as the lessee does not pay the rent, the person signing the contract is responsible for paying the rent, damages and vandalism.

The renter must inspect the rental equipment immediately when equipment is returned. If a fault or defect occurs in the equipment during return, will it be recorded. In case of shortcomings or faults have not been recorded, the renter is responsible for these shortcomings to the extent that they were noticeable to the leeser at the time of the inspection. The renter accepts the equipment for rent in the condition it is after the inspection.

The renter is completely responsible for any damages to the rental equipment during the rental period. The lessee must notify immediately to the staff of any damage or possible loss of the rental equipment. In addition, the renter pays for the damaged rental equipment in accordance with the agreement until the end of the rental period. If there is a technical or other fault in the equipment, the tenant can return the rental equipment immediately to the staff, in which case the rent expires at the time of return.

The renter of the equipment commits to the fair use, store and takes care for equipment carefully and properly. The renter is not allowed to transfer the rental equipment to a third party for use without the permission given.

The renter’s deductible for each damage is one hundred (100) euros. However, the deductible does not compensate for damage to the equipment caused by the renter, or his entourage. The renter is responsible for the full value of these damages.

Liability insurance

Koli Active got valid liability insurance required by the Finnish law.

We recommend taking personal travel insurance.

Motor insurance

All motor vehicles that are used during the programs have motor insurance.

Cave adventure

The cave adventure is only suitable for people in normal condition and who are maybe little used to move around. The cave adventure involves crawling in cramped rock cavities, and that’s why it may be not suitable for claustrophobic people or very large sized peoples.

Koli Active is not responsible for any contamination or ripped clothing. We provide protective coveralls and suitable safety equipment. If you are not sure about suitability of the adventure, please contact our sales service before booking.

Applicable law

Finnish law applies to these terms and conditions. We try to resolve disputes primarily throught negotiation, but if we dont reach the agreement, problems will be resolved in the local district court.

Major obstacles

If a party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under this agreement due to an exceptional/unpredictable obstacle beyond the control of party, that it cannot reasonably be expected to have taken into account such as (war, fire, natural disaster, death, interruption of public transport, air transport, (excluding air timetable delays), payment, telecommunications or electricity distribution), the obligation of the both parties to comply with the terms of the contract will be suspended on both sides for the duration of these major obstacles.