Kolin Panimo

Products from our Brewery

Our Beer

Brewed in North Carelia, we design our product with love. Discover our classics and seasonal products.
You can enjoy our classics all year round: Koli IPA, Saison, Blanche, Belgian Ale and Brunette... 

Our cider

Each year, with local apples, we create a lovely sweet-bitter cider.
Come and discover our dry and semi-sweet ciders.

From summer 2022, we have had good news for those who love raw tastes: We also have a Brut version, super dry with almost no sugar remaining.

Crafted by Light

We work hard to create an authentic taste.

Shop & Contact

Only 20 kilometers north of Koli, in Juuka Nunhanlahti, just next to the national road 6, you can buy our products all year round.
Available also for professionals.

Where to enjoy our products

You can enjoy our beer in many locations in North Karelia, Finland.
In Koli village, Kolinportti, Joensuu, and some small local shops in the area.

You can taste our products

You can taste our products, for example, in the restaurants of our following partners: Paksuniemi Kesäkeidas - Paksut Pojat beer and cider, Rääkkylä Trattoria Otto, Joensuu Break Sokos Hotel Koli Pizzeria Roihu, Joensuu Cherub, Joensuu Koli Freetime, Juuka.