Kolin Ryynänen

Carelian Cider

We brew a lovely full apple cider. Each autumn we work with local Finnish producers to collect Karelian apples and to get a raw apple juice. After couple of days of hard work and thanks to a traditional secret recepie we craft a authentic cider.
Our cider is enjoyable all year long even if the best way to drink it is close by a nice fire with couple of slices of ham or good fruits.

We have available dry and semi-sweet ciders.

From summer 2022 we have also a Brut version super dry with almost no sugar remaining for the cider lovers who live the raw tastes.

Dry cider 5.2%

Fashioned from various varieties of Karelian apple, our cider is rather dry and slightly tart. Light color that evokes the morning light of spring.

Color that evokes the morning light of spring.